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July 16, 2017

Find Your Scripts in SharePoint within Seconds – the Effective, but Unsupported Way

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The SharePoint environment I’m working on contains hundreds of webs. I create test sites for various tasks (like prototyping JSLink-based solutions) including the necessary lists, and store the .js and .css files typically in the Site Assets library of that web site to keep the solution artifacts (lists / files) together. It is rather common, that after I’ve finished the proof of concept, I don’t need it for months, then suddenly I should return to it, but I don’t find it anymore, as I don’t remember, which site I used for that solution.

For that kind of search I’ve created a simply SQL query to find the script directly in the content database of the site collection. Yes, I know it is officially unsupported to access the SharePoint databases directly, but I’m OK with that in my test system. Use it on your own risk.

  FROM [dbo].[AllDocs]
  WHERE LeafName LIKE ‘%.js’
  AND DirName LIKE ‘%SiteAssets%’
  ORDER BY TimeLastWritten DESC

This script lists the file name (LeadName) and path (DirName) of the scripts stored in various sites in their Site Assets library. The name of script and the date of last modification (TimeLastModified) is usually enough to identify the script I need. Note, that the records, that have a value other that 0x in the DeleteTransactionId column are recycled and located in the Recycle Bin. Of course, this method works only in the case of on-premise installations, and only as long as you have access to the SharePoint databases.


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