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June 25, 2017

How to get the Url of the “Edit View” Page of a Specific SharePoint List View from PowerShell

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There might be cases when you can’t access the Edit View page of a specific list view from the SharePoint UI. For example, there is no such direct link in the case of Survey lists. There is no ribbon including the Manage Views group, and the Views area is missing from the List settings page as well.

You can, however access the Edit View page from your browser if you know its URL. The standard URL of this page has this pattern:


As you see, the ViewEdit.aspx page is responsible for this functionality. The encoded Ids (Guid) of the List and the View are passed as query string parameters (List and View respectively).

You can get the URL of the page using this PowerShell script easily:

$web = Get-SPWeb ‘http://YourSharePoint/Web/SubWeb’
$list = $web.Lists[‘YourList’]
# get the default view of the list
$view = $list.DefaultView
# or get an arbitrary view by its name
# $view = $list.Views[‘All Items’]
$viewId = $view.ID

function EscapeGuid($guid)
  return "{$guid}".ToUpper().Replace(‘-‘, ‘%2D’).Replace(‘{‘, ‘%7B’).Replace(‘}’, ‘%7D’)

$url = $web.Url + ‘/_layouts/15/ViewEdit.aspx?List=’ + (EscapeGuid $list.ID) + ‘&View=’ + (EscapeGuid $view.ID)

You can even start the page in Internet Explorer from PowerShell if you wish:

$ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
$ie.Visible = $true


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