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February 27, 2016

Getting the Item Count of all Lists of all Sub-Sites via a Single Request from Client Code

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Recently I had a task to get the item count of all lists of all Project Web Sites (PWS) of a Project Server instance from a client-side application. Note, that the PWSs are located directly under the Project Web Access (PWA) site, so there is no deeper site structure in this task to deal with, so I was pretty sure that it can be achieved in a single request. Although in my case the task was Project Server related, one can use the same method in the case of SharePoint Server as well, it is only important, that you should not have a multiple level site structure, for a deeper site structure this method simply does not work.

I show you both the REST (OData) and the managed client object model approach. Let’s start with the client OM sample:

  1. string siteUrl = "http://YourProjectServer/PWA";
  2. using (var clientContext = new ClientContext(siteUrl))
  3. {
  4.     var rootWeb = clientContext.Web;
  6.     clientContext.Load(rootWeb, rw => rw.Webs.Include(w => w.Title, w => w.ServerRelativeUrl, w => w.Lists.Include(l => l.Title, l => l.ItemCount)));
  7.     clientContext.ExecuteQuery();
  9.     foreach(var web in rootWeb.Webs)
  10.     {
  11.         if (web.Lists.Any())
  12.         {
  13.             Console.WriteLine("Lists of web '{0}' [{1}]", web.Title, web.ServerRelativeUrl);
  14.             foreach (var list in web.Lists)
  15.             {
  16.                 Console.WriteLine("'{0}' [Item count: {1}]", list.Title, list.ItemCount);
  17.             }
  18.         }
  19.     }
  20. }

The corresponding REST query can be submitted as a GET request sent to this URL:


If you need the item count only from a specific list (for example, the lists with title ‘Risks’) for all subsites, you can easily achieve that in the client OM sample by including a Where clause in the query:

clientContext.Load(rootWeb, rw => rw.Webs.Include(w => w.Title, w => w.ServerRelativeUrl, w => w.Lists.Include(l => l.Title, l => l.ItemCount).Where(l => l.Title == "Risks")));

The corresponding REST query would be:

http://YourProjectServer/PWA/_api/web/webs?$expand=Lists&$filter=Lists/Title eq ‘Risks’&$select=ServerRelativeUrl,Title,Lists/ItemCount,Lists/Title

However, when submitting this request I get a response with status HTTP 400 and the message: The field or property ‘Title’ does not exist.

I’m working on a solution and update this post as soon as I found one. Feel free to help me by sending it as a comment. Winking smile


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