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July 6, 2013

Issues with the SharePoint-Outlook connection

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Issue 1

Recently we received a complain from a user, that synchronizing SharePoint 2010 documents to Outlook 2010 does not work. The error message in Outlook was:

Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error (0x80070005) : ‘You do not have permission to view this SharePoint List HTTP 302’

The conditions were:

SharePoint application with default (HTTPS) and intranet (HTTP) zones, identical host header for the zones. The IIS site for the intranet zone was stopped and redirected to the default zone (HTTP –> HTTPS).

The user was to synchronize two folders of a large document library (accessed using HTTPS) to Outlook 2010. Adding (any) first folder of the library to Outlook was OK, it was synchronized down to Outlook without any problems. However adding (any) second folder of the library gave us the same error. Synchronizing the items in the first folder was working the same time.

Using Fiddler I found, that instead of HTTPS Outlook sends the requests for synchronizations (the GetList method of the Lists web service is called, see details of the communications in a former post) to SharePoint using HTTP. IIS responded with the correct redirection status, HTTP 302, but it was simply ignored by Outlook. It seems to me as a double-bug: first, Outlook should not try to connect using HTTP when we created the connection from a HTTPS site, and second, it should follow the redirection response sent back by IIS.

I found a similar problem in this TechNet forum thread, and questions / conclusions like:

„Does Outlook 2007 not understand http 302 redirections?”

„I suspect Outlook doesn’t handle the redirection right.”

The “solution” in this case was to synchronize the full (quite large) document library, instead of the selected subfolders.

Another workaround might be to use Fiddler to redirect the HTTP request to HTTPS for the specific web site (by extending the default OnBeforeRequest function in CustomRules.js), however, a typical user would not like to run Fiddler in the background just to be able synchronize files from SharePoint.

    static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {
       if (oSession.HostnameIs("") && oSession.oRequest.headers.UriScheme == "http") {
         oSession.oRequest.headers.UriScheme = "https";
    … // original code of OnBeforeRequest function


Issue 2

We have two (fast) identical SharePoint 2010 systems: a test and a productive environment. Content is the same, FQDN of the servers are different. When I connect a SharePoint document library from prod. to Outlook 2010, it’s synchronized down to the client as expected. However, when I try to connect Outlook to the same library in test, the first link in Outlook simply replaced by the new one, the URL of the connection is overridden by the URL of the library from the test system. Seems to be a bug as well.


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