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September 15, 2012

Issues processing incoming e-mails to a calendar

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These are rather trivial issues, but might be useful for others, so I post them here.

Issue 1:

Recently we created an incoming e-mail enabled calendar to track events at a company. One of the users complained because the mails sent to the specified e-mail address did not appear in the calendar, even after the list was set to accept all mails regardless of the security configured. Other users had no such problem.

I’ve checked the SMTP log first, and found there info about the mails but no errors at all. However, in the SharePoint log file I found this one:

Warning –  An error occurred while processing the incoming e-mail file C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop\{id of the e-mail}.eml. The error was: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: stream.

Although it is not easy to identify the source of the problem from this message, the reason for this warning turned out to be that the user was sending simple mails an no meeting requests to the list.

Issue 2:

Meeting requests were sent to a group calendar, but none of them was visible on the web UI, when the users clicked on the name of the calendar list on the Quick Launch.

No error in the SMTP nor in the SharePoint logs.

Reason: the items are visible in the non-default views (like Current Events or All Events). The default Calendar view shows only items where the value of the Attendees field is not empty, however, this field is not populated based on the incoming meeting request.

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