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July 4, 2011

The tale of the junked MVP award notification

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Today morning I received a mail that described some steps I should complete as a new MVP. First I thought it’s only a silly joke of one of my friends. As far as I know MVP is awarded / renewed on the first day of each quarter and I received no such mail on last Friday. To tell the truth, I did not really expect such award this time.

After a short period of time, clicking the links in the mail I started only to believe that I might have really been awarded MVP for SharePoint Server. The final proof was the notification mail from last Friday that I dug out from the Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook. Really bizarre.

Although I work with SharePoint since the beta version of SPS 2001 (a.k.a Tahoe), I feel it all began in 2006 when my group started to work with MOSS 2007, and due to the undocumented nature of the product we got a lot of help from the blogosphere and the international SharePoint community. Of course we had our own experiences and I felt I have to share this knowledge with others in the same boat: I’ve started to answer questions on forums and write my own blog posts.

It seems I’m a MVP for SharePoint Server now, so it’s time to say a big thank you a lot of people.

First and foremost I would like to thank the inspiration of (now) fellow MVPs and all other SharePoint bloggers and conference speakers.

I’m grateful for my colleagues (most of them are now unfortunately ex-colleague) I worked together on several SharePoint projects. We learned a lot from each other, and not only about SharePoint.

I’m much obligated the guys at MS to make me possible to share my experience to the Hungarian SharePoint at developer community events and for their support in nomination.

Of course, I’m thankful for forum members and blog readers to motivate me through your questions and feedback.

Last but definitely not least my family has a great part in this award. They had to miss their husband / father / son a lot of time when he spent his not too much spare time with his favorite SharePoint research.

Thank you all, I promise to try to do my best in the future as well to deserve your trust!


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