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September 7, 2010

I hate “Go To Reflector” in Visual Studio

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If you follow my posts on this blog, you already know that Reflector is one of my favorite tools. A few days ago I was to look up again something in a SharePoint assembly but found that all of my registered assemblies are lost, and to make things even worse, all of my bookmarks, that served me as a map to the SharePoint libraries I worked with, disappeared also.

I remembered that the other day during debugging I accidentally chose the Go To Reflector menu in Visual Studio instead of its neighbor Run To Cursor (yes, you are right, I should have pressed simply Ctrl+F10). At that time I thought it has no consequence at all, but unfortunately I was wrong.

As it turned out, selecting this menu item will clean the registered (non-standard) assemblies from Reflector and registers only the assembly you selected in Visual Studio for investigation. I can reproduce this behavior and think it is not a very developer friendly feature.

Regarding my lost bookmarks – that is really a pain in my heart – I was not able to repro to clean them simply by using this menu, but somehow I suspect it has a relation to this mistake.

Lesson learned: one should backup the Reflector.cfg file regularly.

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  1. […] As you can see there is a Go To Reflector menu either, but I really don’t suggest you to use that due to my bad experiences I wrote about earlier. […]

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